neon vibrance

I love looking at retro pixel art, especially low-resolution graphics from old computer games. It’s not just a way for me to reminisce about my childhood and the fun I had playing computer games and drawing my own computer graphics, but it also gives me a chance to appreciate the aesthetics of the old games. I’m in awe of the pixel artists’ talents and their ability to arrange chunky pixels and bright neon colours into beautiful cartoons.

One day I did some trawling of the web and found some screenshots of games for the Amstrad CPC; I particularly liked these graphics because of the way the pixels were rectangular and blocky, thanks to the CPC’s video mode zero, which had a 2:1 width-to-height pixel ratio and a palette of bright colours.

I’ve put together a Flickr photoset of retro game graphics, which contains some images from CPC, some images from the IBM PC in EGA graphics mode, and a few retro-inspired modern images.

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